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Must be 18 years or order to commission

above by corgibeans 2022_edited.jpg


Best way to contact me is via website message submission, email or telegram (@ammystar). Please describe
what you’re looking to have created. Whether you want a headshot, bust, halfbody, full body, and how many
characters, etc. I would also need to know if you wanted a background and if you have a specific time frame or
deadline. (Most digital commissions range from 1-4 week turnaround) ANY RUSH/HOLIDAY COMMISSIONS

Commissions are NOT first come first serve. I have the right to deny a request if the theme is too complicated
or distasteful.
Things I look for:
Clear references. At least 2 views and limited verbal descriptions.
Clear details of what you’re looking for from me
Proper contact information
Themes and characters that fit my art style
Once I receive your message please give 24 hrs for me to respond to give you a proper quote.
I do not reserve slots in advance under any circumstances. You must send payment first after you have received
and accepted your quote. You MUST be over 18 to commission me. If I have reason to believe you are not I will
not work with you.



As the artist, I retain the right to refuse any subject content that I am not comfortable drawing. Below is a list
of things I will refuse. IF you have any questions about subject matter that is not on the list, please email me
about it before you apply for a commission.
Subjects I will NOT draw:
Realistic Guns
Heavy detailed backgrounds (buildings, vehicles)
Anything hateful/racist/sexist
Copyrighted Characters
Fetishes I will NOT draw:
Weight Gain
Subjects I am not experienced with (an additional fee may be added if you request something on this list)
Mechanics/Machines (cars, robots, etc)
Urban Landscapes
If you have any questions or concerns about your commission throughout the commissioning process, please
I generally check and answer emails often but I do work a full time job Monday through Friday from 9:00 am -
6:00 pm. If you email at this time, I will get back to you as soon as can.
If you paid for a commission and did not receive an response from me within 48 hours, please notify me!

Terms of Service: Services


I operate payments through PayPal for small commissions and larger ones (Plush and pins, etc through my webstore

I require full payment upfront if I choose to work with you (Digital commissions and single plush commissions).

If you make the queue, you will receive an invoice. (For Digital Commissions)

You have 24 hours to pay the invoice unless otherwise stated. If you are chosen and need to hold off payment a
bit longer, please inform me and we can work something out. If you absolutely cannot pay you will be removed
from the queue and the invoice will be canceled.

I will not work until I have received full payment, I do NOT accept payment plans.

IF you have any concerns or questions about this, please email me before applying for a commissions.
Included on the invoice will be:
My contact/paypal email
What type of commission you have ordered
A breakdown of the final price
If you have any questions about your payment or the invoice itself, please email and ask me before you pay!
All prices are in USD.

If you would like to tip after your commission is completed, you may send a gift payment to my email listed in the invoice I will have sent you prior. Tips are not required but always appreciated!

Art by Hihikori on FA



If you have made the queue and have paid your invoice, you will be able to find yourself listed in my public
telegram channel @corgibeans
This is where you can double check that your commission information is correct. You can also check the date
that you can expect to receive either your commission WIP or your final commission.
I do my very best to stick to the dates I assign for commission work. If for some reason I become unable to
work on the day assigned and I have to move your commission date, you will be notified as soon as possible of
the change.
Days off are taken in advance and I do not schedule work during those times on the calendar. Rescheduling
would happen due to an emergency or illness preventing me from working.

My queue is kept public and updated at all times and you are welcome to check your commission status at any

Levi plush.jpg


When you receive a sketch WIP from me, it is for you only. Do not post it or use it publicly. Do not tamper
with the “WIP” watermark that is on it.
When you receive a WIP update from me you may request edits be made to the sketch. Minor edits I will do
for free. Anything I may have missed from the information you already gave me will also be fixed for free. Any
major edits (such as redrawing a large portion or all of the image OR many small edits that add up) will come
with a small fee based on the amount of work. The fee will need to be paid before the edits are made.
Any edits you request that fall under “style” rather than technical details may be refused. As an artist I like to
preserve my style and artistic choices in each piece I create.
Once your sketch is confirmed, I will give you the date that the commission will be finished by.
After the sketch is confirmed, you must wait until I finish the commission.

Terms of Service: Services


When you receive your finished commission from me, you will typically receive a full res version and a smaller
version for posting (unless we discussed otherwise prior).
I prefer you keep the high resolution version for private, personal use as it helps prevent outside parties from
using the art for profit.
You may post the art anywhere you wish. If it is posted up on social media or a gallery site, I would like credit
as the artist. Linking back to one of my galleries, profiles, or website is also very much appreciated.
You may crop the artwork for use of a personal icon or banner.
You may NOT remove my name from the corner of the artwork. I make my name as small and as unobtrusive
as possible.
You may NOT mass produce the artwork I make for you or use it for profit unless we discussed and worked
out an agreement prior to me completing your commission.
I do NOT distribute working files of the commission to clients.
You may NOT edit the finished artwork you receive from me outside of cropping. If you would like to make an
edit, please contact me. I will either give permission or do the edit myself for an appropriate fee. If I find that
you have edited my artwork without permission I will be contacting you about it.
I retain copyright to all the artwork I create unless rights to the art are otherwise discussed and paid for by
the commissioner. I retain rights to post the artwork to promote my work or create products featuring my
artwork to sell.
I will never take credit for any characters that I did not design and when possible I will credit the original character



If you wish to make edits to your commission after it is completed, please contact me!
If you would like edits, you do not have to wait for a commission opening. Email or contact me about them and
I’ll let you know when my schedule allows me to complete them (usually within the month).
If the edit involves something that I missed within the details you gave me and you did NOT have an opportunity
to request it be fixed in the WIP stage of the process (such as a color error), I will fix it for free.
If the edit involves something that could have been fixed in the WIP stage a fee will be charged. The amount will
depend on the size of the edit and it will be discussed it beforehand.
Any edits that involve updating an older art style will be refused. And edits that involve changing major details
about your commission that were never brought up at the time of commissioning will be refused.
I only offer edits on art that is less than one year old. Any older are will not be eligible for any editing, paid or

blizz (8).jpg


If we have begun the commission process and you decide you would like to stop it, please let me know as soon
as possible.
If I have not begun work on your commission yet, a full refund will be made.
If I have begun work on your commission, you will be refunded a partial refund based on the work that has
been already completed.
If you cancel your commission and receive a refund from me, you cannot jump back in the queue whenever
you like. You will have to apply for a commission again when I open next.
Refunds will be delivered by the next business day once they are requested.

(This applied to digital art only, no plush commissions or enamel pin commissions may be refunded as there is too high of a demand for these services. We apologize for the inconvenience)

Terms of Service: Services
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