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How to commission and Pricing

Our Custom Plush Services, also known as BUILD-A-FUR. Provides cuddly and high quality plush toys in single or bulk. 

Plushes are 12 inches from head to feet. This excludes ears. So they are generally taller than a foot with ears pointed upwards.

We post our quote openings on our social media page here:

Our STARTING prices are as follows:
1 Single Plush : $500+USD
100 Plushes: $4800+

(Single plush commissions are ONLY for personal use. If you would like to order 100 to be made later you are free to contact us at any time for a bulk quote)

(When ordering 100 you need to order 1 prototype as well, that way the manufacturer has the design down and you can get the prototype shipped to you to inspect before full production. The bulk amount also comes with ASTM certification so you can legally sell them in the US) 

Expect 3-5 months for bulk orders and 

3-4 months for single plush commissions

Please note: Plushes are subject to increase based on complexity of character. Some examples of complex designs are numerous colors, imagery, extra limbs or tails. Other aspects of a design that can increase the price are wings, hair and accessories.

By commissioning us, you are agreeing to our T.O.S. which can be found here:

Our manufacturer is from overseas. The company is only made up of individuals 18 years of age and older. We work very closely with our manufacturers and have a respectful relationship. We are transparent as possible with the projects we hire them for. They are aware of projects that are comprised of one plush toy or 100 plush toys.
Also note, we DO NOT allow commissioner to reorder plushes through another party. It MUST be through us ONLY.

*please note all pricing on our website does NOT include sales tax.

Custom Plushes: About Me
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